1 July 2011

Family and Fireworks... bring on the weekend!

With such a weekend of epicness coming up these last couple of week days have decided to draaaag on. But Friday is finally upon us and so are the 4th July festivities! \

I love celebrating holidays and always seem to be the most patriotic non-American around.
My first 4th July celebration (2 years ago) was spent marching around Manhattan in my American flag flip-flops (you may now pause to cringe) waving around not one, but two flags like I was Uncle Sam himself. Last year my 2 girlfriends and I dressed up as what my husband describes as The American Flag on steroids. Yip! 3 South African girls all decked out in  MATCHING red, white & blue check shorts, American flag bikini's and those cheesy 4th July T-shirts you would find at Target/Walmart. This year I might go for a more neutral approach, maybe some earrings or something.

Happy 4th July Weekend!

I just bought photoshop. Can you tell?


  1. lol at the stars and stripes sandals :0 Have a great weekend!

  2. Happy 4th of July :) Have a super weekend!

  3. I just love love 4th of July! Such a fun holiday! Hope you have n amazing one!

  4. Family and Fireworks? my two favorite Fs :)

  5. Happy 4th of July :) hope you have a great time with the family! Enjoy the holiday!


  6. Do you still remember our First 4th of July picnic and Fireworks at Savannah river side in 1999?