12 July 2011

"Yip, Your Honor!"

I think of myself as a pretty good driver. The police on the other hand, do not.
Yesterday, the day that I had been dreading, came. (The one that had put me in a bad mood all of last week) It was time to head to court to fight a red light ticket. This may not seem like such an offence, but I was nervous to say the least. My stomach was in knots and on Sunday night and I had that feeling I used to get the night before I had to give a big speech in class and had not even begun to prepare myself.

I turned to my BFF, Google, and typed in "How to defend a red light ticket in court". But after reading elaborate advice including 'take pictures from the scene' and 'attend a trail beforehand to get a feel of the judge' I decided that was too much efford and I would just wing it.

As it turned out I had nothing (well not much) to worry about. It was just like a scene out of Judge Judy.
Que Witty Judge.
She was hilarious and had something snarky to say to each 'offender'.
My name was called and by this time I had a huge grin on my face from watching this 'reality show'.
I let the judge do most of the talking as I am not one for public speaking, although I tried to mumble something about the light ACTUALLY being orange. The judge then asked if I was willing to plead guilty to a lesser charge and therefore a reduced fine and no points on my licence. I was so happy that I yelled out "YIP!"
Now, for those of you who are not accustomed to court room edicate (like myself) "Yip" is not a word the judge is going to want to hear. "Yes, your honor" or "Yes I shall" is by far, more appropriate. I skipped this rule and "yipped" my way into a verbal beating from this Judge Judy wannabe. She even asked me what I did for a living and when I answered "nanny" she begged me not to teach the kid my vocabulary.
I couldn't help but laugh.

So off I went to pay my fine which ironically will probably only go towards the salary of the next officer to give me a parking ticket. Its a vicious cycle.


  1. haha sorry...but this did make me laugh..:)

  2. i love judge judy. court is scary! :) you should teach them good vocabulary lol

  3. oh man.. no fun! that judge sounds obnoxious! glad you can laugh about though haha.. i'd be annoyed!

  4. Glad it went better than you thought it would :) Love the story!