6 July 2011

The time I almost lost my mind

Dearest Bloggy friends,

After 3 days of non-stop battle against my laptop, I am pleased to announce that the war is finally over.
I contracted a nasty virus which would not let up. We even went out and purchased a new anti-virus which did NOTHING and we couldn't even access the Internet to download the software we needed. I have no idea what my husband hero did, but about half an hour ago some magic went down and *BING*, Internet access once again.
 You may now look forward to my very very late 4th July post tomorrow. YAY!


  1. WOOHOO! I am so glad it's all fixed. I know I get so frustrated with computer bugs!

  2. computer viruses are miserable. i hate when things that are supposed to work stop working. SO annoying! glad he was able to work some magic!

  3. don't loose your mind! its not a good place! haha yes i know abbey and her sister Amelia - we are very good friends from school! small small world! :) hope NY is going well - good luck with the citizenship stuff!