7 July 2011

A post about the 4th on the 7th!

I totally missed the 4th July posting bandwagon thanks to a very annoying virus, but don't think you can get out of viewing my fireworks and family snaps from a very fun 4th July weekend.

This Independence day was my 3rd since moving to the States, but my 1st one being married and on my way to becoming a citizen myself. It was very interesting celebrating this holiday with my Peruvian-American family (in-laws). The hot dogs and hamburgers were traded for chicken and anticuchos, there was Peruvian music blaring in the backyard and everytime I turned there seemed to be a new family member to meet. We had a special treat this year as my hubby's grandfather is visiting from Peru.
I was so happy with the result of my 'American Flag Cake' which I got the idea off pinterest. (tutorial coming soon!)
We ate. A lot. We played beer pong and acted like teenagers after finding a cousin's secret stash of fireworks.
The next day a couple of the cousins, Mike and I spent some time at the fun-fair (where Mike won me a stuffed snake...woop!) and joined in with all the locals to watch the incredible fireworks display at the harbour.
How was your 4th?


  1. well here in England i've been enjoying looking at everyon's celebrations :)

  2. OH MY GOODNESS. that cake is GENIUS! wow. i'm impressed :)

  3. Please do a tutorial on that cake! Oh my word, that is amazing!! :) Looks like you had a fun fourth!