26 July 2011

A break in the heat wave

We finally have some cooler weather after last week's crazy (and deadly) heatwave. Temperatures were around 100 degrees and we even had the hottest July 22nd EVER when they recorded 104 degrees F in Central Park. PHEW! That very same day was when the air conditioning at work decided to give up on life and I had to resort to standing in front of the freezer and eating ice blocks before I melted away. Growing up in South Africa, I am no stranger to these kind of temperatures but I am defiantly not a fan of sweating!

Someone else who is not dealing with the heat too well is our dear fur son, Gumby. Usually you can find him running around the apartment (between naps) and getting into all sorts of mischief but he spent all of last week slumping around feeling sorry for himself. I find this picture HILARIOUS and it just shows you how lazy the heat made him. This is Gumby cooling off in front of the fan.

Hmmm... there's something missing...

Much cooler!


  1. awww - he is playing dead lol.

    If my doggies get too hot they get the hose which they love. :)

  2. Glad the heatwave is over. Your furbaby is so cute, and that picture is adorable. :-)

  3. awww he's so hot with his fur coat on!!

  4. Ahahah! Poor Grumby. He'll just have to take comfort in the fact that he's painfully cute ;)