6 April 2012

A cup of tea and a chat

Hi bloggy friends,

One of the greatest traditions that some of us South Africans have inherited from our British ancestors is sitting down to have a nice cup of tea (with milk and sugar!) It gives us a time to relax and perhaps catch up with family or friends, so why don't you grab yourself a cuppa and lets have a chat?

First of all, I don't think I've thanked you all for being so kind over the last couple of weeks when I have been dealing with the loss of my dad. Your comments and emails of support and love have really cheered me up and I'm just amazed about how awesome the blogging community really is. So, thank you!

Something that I have been wanting to talk about for a while is this little blog of mine.
When I first started blogging (about a year ago) I was essentially looking for a creative outlet and somewhere that I could "scrapbook" my life and be able to look back and relive the memories. What I got out of blogging was a lot more and I have had so much fun interacting with so many people around the world and forming some wonderful online friendships.

Although the title of my blog is "A South African in New York", I sometimes feel guilty when I don't post a lot about living in one of the greatest places in the world and I really should start taking advantage of the "Big Apple" more and go out and experience it as much as I can.
My feet have been really itchy to spend some time in Manhattan lately, but to be honest I don't think my pregnant legs could handle all the walking that is involved and (these days) the worst thought in my mind would be to have my water break in the middle of a stroll through Central Park and have to give birth in the back of a taxi-cab (yes, my life plays out as a movie most fo the time). So I hope to bring you more Manhattan adventures post-baby, especially seeing as this Summer is going to be a beautiful one and we can start making memories as a real family!
For now you are just going to deal with a million posts about pregnancy since not much else is going on these days.

Also, I will be giving this blog of mine a little facelift. I am finishing up the design this weekend so hopefully by Monday it is going to look a little different around here.

I am also happy to announce that I will be opening my Etsy Shop "The African Llama" on Monday as well which I am beyond excited about.

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend and don't hold back on those chocolate eggs!


  1. Good luck with the Etsy store...

    And I am happy with anything you post ;-)

  2. I always love girls that drink tea, skim milk, and a tad bit of sugar, your my kinda blogger!

    I just came across your blog, but I am so dearly sorry for your loss, I have recently been getting into with my father, but every night as I say the things I'm grateful for, he is always one of them, and seeing this post made me realize that no matter what, I am so blessed to have him in my life. Thank you for that!

    Just when you thought

  3. I already love reading about all things pregnancy on here :) And I'm excited for baby posts in your near future! But I'm really excited about NYC posts. I'm from small town North Dakota, and although I love being a country girl and living on a farm and all that jazz, New York City has been this little piece of the pie that I always day dream about because it's such a different, strange and wonderful world than the one I know. Can't wait to share your adventures with you! Ohhh, and check out your Etsy shop, of course -those onsies are stinking cute!

  4. Ahh, good old New York. I live here, and i feel the exact same way! Where in NY do you live? I live on Long Island, and can't wait for Aj to get a little older...we've already taken him to his first trip in...but the parking is so annoying! We went to the museam of Natural History...and he loved it. He sat in his stroller the entire time---and fell asleep to the sounds of the people!! :)