2 April 2012

Everyday of March

On my quest to document everyday of this year in pictures, I give you my compilation of March:
(See January and February too)

Please note that the 5th picture is my poor husband after having his wisdom teeth removed and NOT one of those crazy iphone apps that make you look fatter. haha.

March has been a very emotionally tough month for me. Needless to say, I'm very happy to be welcoming the month that I have been most looking forward to... APRIL!
This month my entire life is going to change. Our due date is just 18 days away, but I'm hoping that baby girl decides to join the party a little earlier since my body has clearly had enough!

Bring it on April!


  1. It's so exciting! Love seeing theses pics!

  2. I am about ready to have this baby as well. :) And we have that same whale dress for our little girl!

  3. Can't believe the baby is due this month - I can't wait till she makes her debut :)

    Cannot believe photo of your husband is not edited! My face also was extremely swollen after getting my wisdom teeth removed :/

    ps still think of you and your family, I don't blame you for wanting to put March behind you. Love ya lady.