18 April 2012

Things I've learnt while being pregnant

Love your body
I have never truly appreciated my body until this pregnancy. Like most women, I have issues with my weight and appearance but there is something very beautiful about being pregnant (except for those days where you may feel like a beached whale). I have been amazed at how my body has adapted and how it has the amazing ability to grow a human being from (almost) nothing. I just sit back while my body knows exactly how to build little fingers and toes. These last couple of months have been the toughest on my body as I've lost the ability to move freely or bend over with ease. I will never take mobility and comfort for granted again.
It's never too early to buy a body pillow
Growing a human is tiring stuff, especially when you can't sleep because your pelvis hurts or your belly just gets in the way. After I purchased the Boppy Body Pillow, there was no looking back. Although it is not the most romantic of sleeping partners, it offers great support and I don't know what I would do without it. On the other hand, I'm sure my husband will be very happy to say goodbye to our bedfellow.

The toilet will become your new best friend
Between morning all day sickness and having to pee every 5 minutes you better get comfortable with your porcelain friend. Also, stock up on toilet paper!

"You're glowing!"
...nope! That's just sweat. Sweat coming out of each and every pore! I'm lucky enough that I won't be pregnant over the Summer (and my heart goes out to those who will be/were), but even on the coldest of days I've had to wear flip flops and tank tops since this baby seems to act as an internal hot water bottle!

Go bra shopping at the last minute
Some women LOVE their new found breasts during pregnancy, but for us who are already "blessed" in that department, the extra weight can be pretty uncomfortable and make bra shopping absolute torture. I decided to "treat myself" to a few new bras a few months into my pregnancy and picked up some nursing ones because I thought I'd save money since I had to buy them further down the line anyway. Unfortunately the ones that I bought are already pretty tight and uncomfortable and I'm probably still in for another growth spurt once the milk comes in so I suggest going bra shopping later in your pregnancy.
Take advantage of bursts of energy
Some days I found it really hard to get out of bed, especially since my iron levels were pretty low in the beginning. Your body is working hard and you will feel the consequences so when you do find some energy, take advantage by getting out of the house or decorating the nursery because next thing you know you'll be slumped back on the couch.
Time has a mind of its own
At first, 9 months seemed like a very short time to prepare for motherhood. Then all of a sudden time slowed down as I waited for my body to give up the "too many hamburgers" look and adopt a noticeable baby bump. The next thing I knew we were past the halfway mark and onto the homestretch until I hit a wall during these last few days as the due date approaches. Fear speeds up time but anticipation slows it down.

Pregnancy Brain
...will make you feel pretty stupid. One day after work I spent almost an hour searching for my car keys only to find them hanging up in a hallway closet. I then came home and tried to put away the milk into the cabinets where we keep our dishes.

You will have meltdowns, and that's okay
Pregnancy hormones are totally crazy. I remember absolutely balling my eyes out when it came time for the final show of "Regis and Kelly" and I had a total ugly-cry meltdown just days ago when the laundry came out of the dryer still damp. You're not crazy, you're just pregnant.

Appreciate your partner
I am so lucky to have a wonderful husband by my side this whole time. I don't know what I would do without him. He's held my hair and rubbed my back on days filled with morning sickness, he's tolerated whoever this crazy lady who replaced his loving wife is and not argued with some of my irrational thinking. He's cleaned the house and washed more then his fair share of the dishes, he's indulged in my obsession for Target's baby clothes section and embraced the colour pink.
It's important to take time to show your partner that you appreciate them and spend as much one-on-one time with them while you still can.


  1. So sweet that your husband was so helpful :) You guys must be dying of anticipation by now - hopefully she'll make her debut soon!


  2. My husbands looking forward to kicking my body pillow out of bed too haha
    So excited for you! Can't wait to see a post that your sweet baby girl has arrived!

  3. The summer comment made me giggle... I'm due August 18th! AHHH! And I live in Tennessee... Famous for hella-humid, over-100-degree summers. I'm so screwed! But hey, it'll make for some awesome fun birthdays!

    Best of luck to you in the weeks to come, mama... I'll be watching for the big announcement!

  4. The "you're glowing" lesson cracked me up!


  5. awesome post! glad you found the body pillow just in time! :)