21 June 2011

Happy Summer

Despite all the amazing weather we have been getting in New York lately, today officially marks the 
~First day of Summer 2011~

It feels like just the other day when my drive to work looked like this:

I am happy to report that it now looks a little more like this:

When I was just a little South African kid, I always wondered why they made such a big deal about American Summers in movies or TV shows. I then discovered there is a 3 month vacation involved! WHAT THE WHAT? Not fair, considering the longest vacation from school I ever got was over Christmas break (our Summer) and that lastest a measly 4 weeks. On the East Coast we did have Summer temperatures all year round so the warm weather was nothing too exciting either. I then heard about Summer Camps. What? You actually get to go hang out in the woods with your friends for weeks at a time? Where do I sign up? Am I too old? I loved the idea of summer camps so much in fact that it was my first choice of job when I first wanted to come to the states. I had bad timing though and ended up working at a ski resort instead.

This year will be my 3rd American Summer ever and I just can't get enough.  I am making the most of it by checking off my Summer bucket List which seems to be filling up with more things before I can cross anything off.


  1. am just loving your photos :) happy summer!

  2. Oh my gosh how did you survive without summer break? I would die. How American am I?!?! Hahahah :) So happy its warming up for you in the city!

  3. You scared me with that snowy photo! I can't imagine snow on the first day of summer.

    xo katie elizabeth

  4. Oh I am so jealous, winter is just starting here and it is a blizzard!

  5. I for a second totally thought the first photo was your day of summer (and then I scrolled down) lol looks beautiful! xoxo

  6. hahaha i have GOT to stop skipping words and start reading because i was like "it snowed on the first day of summer????"

    then i realized....it's a comparison. but yes, this spring went sooo incredibly fast!!