8 June 2011

Got skates. Will roll.

From the luminous green ones I got for Christmas when I was about 8 years old to the thrift store rainbow ones I used to skate up and down my apartment hallway when I lived in London 4 years ago, Ive always thought roller skates were cool! 

A few weeks ago I went to a roller derby. It was possibly one of the most awesome things I have ever seen. 
Those ladies are crazy on their skates! I have no idea how they manage to stay upright with all that pushing and shoving going on? These girls skate around the track so fast that all my could capture on my camera (even on speedy mode) was a blur. I want those skills!

For a whole week I watched videos online, looked at skate shop websites and dreamed of owning a new pair of roller skates. A few days later my friend said she had mentioned my new found love to her host mom who happened to have a BRAND NEW pair of skechers 4 wheelers hanging around. 
She let me have them for just 10 bucks! Score. 

Now all I need is some wrist guards, helmet, bubble wrap, a very fluffy pillow and an extremely smooth surface so I can start practising. 


  1. ha!! those are sweet!

    95% sure I would fall on my butt or go face forward and break my nose... here's hoping you are better coordinated than me!

  2. That is soo coool!!!!! I would love going to a roller derby, but i really dont think they have that in my area.. Have you seen that movie with the girl from Juno? I imagine these ladies you saw are hardcore! haha

  3. @Unmerited Grace
    Yeh, the movie is called 'whip it' I saw it when it first came out and it got me really pumped up to start skating. :)