10 June 2011

Storm chasers

I LOVE thunderstorms! So much so in fact that sometimes I fall asleep listening to them on YouTube. (am I the only one?) It is so fun to sit inside when there is a torrential downpour happening outside your window and cuddle up in your comforter while watching the lightning streak across the sky. What's more fun then that? Well... what we did of course!

When I got home from work last night, I told my husband (who had been stuck in an xbox-induced coma  in the house for most of the afternoon) to look out the window. He had not realized how dark and ominous it had begun to get outside (killing zombies takes up a lot of concentration). We then came up with a brilliant idea. We ordered a pizza for pick up and headed down to Manor Park which is right on the Long Island Sound. We sheltered under the Gazebo while the sun set, the rain poured down and the clouds filled with grey.  

I was really hoping to capture an awesome lightning shot and sat with my finger on the trigger of my point and shoot camera for about 15mins. I concluded that being a lightning photographer requires mad skills (and probably more then a point and shoot camera) and you have to be, well... lightning fast. I would be focused on one side when all of a sudden there would be a bright flash in the corner of my eye coming from all the way over on the other side.I missed it! Again. Oh well... lets just pretend like this happened:

What a fun and spontaneous Thursday night! I love my husband for embracing a little crazy streak every now and again, eating dinner in the rain and for holding the pizza box over my head in a thunderstorm. 


  1. Wow! What a way to spend the time during a thunderstorm! I've never managed to capture lightning, either; I think you have to have one of those cameras that takes multiple shots really fast.

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog--you're welcome to check it out!

  2. Oooo big storms are so magical! Love it!

  3. ahhh I LOVE storms too!!!!!