14 June 2011

I used to be a florist, can you tell?

R.I.P Gabby the plant. (named after my dear friend who had to sit with the tree on her lap all the way back from Brooklyn) 

Despite my floristry skills and (this one is the most embarrassing) I actually used to sell interior plants in office buildings, we have seen the demise of not only one little palm tree, but two!
I guess between the out of control heaters (in winter); a crazy, digging-addicted ferret running amock (please note my protective cardboard cover) and possibly a little neglect from owners; any plant life is pretty much doomed in this apartment.
For now my beautiful white ceramic pot sits empty while I contemplate buying a fake plant to save any more heart break.


  1. Hahah oh goodness my plants all seem to end up with similar fate! I am more like a black thumb than a green thumb...it's embarassing!

  2. Whatever the opposite of green thumb is, I have it - so I can relate. I gave up on any and all plant life years ago. Fake is the way to go!

  3. haha! Aw! I'm sorry. Lovin' your cute blog! And that blueberry muffin about three posts down has me droooooling!

  4. Aww, don't be sad. My hubby and I planted a raspberry plant this year and it definitely didn't survive. It only had a few leaves! So sad.