6 June 2011

*A special day in a special city*

Saturday 4th June 2011 marked the 182nd day 6 month half year wedding anniversary for me and Mike.

Some people don't celebrate these days but I feel like its our first little milestone and it deserves some recognition.

On my Summer Bucket List I mentioned celebrating this special day in the exact spot that we were married 6 months ago, (Ladies Pavilion, Central Park, NYC) so we piled in the car (its cheaper then the train right now), zoomed across the bridge and headed to Central Park.

This was our first time back since we were married and its crazy to see the change. We held our ceremony at the beginning of winter (yeah, outdoor wedding in New York winter!!) and now that it is the beginning of Summer it is cool to see all the greenery, the birds and of course everyone has come out of winter hibernation. I am VERY glad that we didn't get married in Summer because there were just too many people down there. (although we did get a whole tour bus of people taking photos of us like we were celebrities.)

When we arrived at the 'Ladies Pavilion' there was actually a tiny wedding going on in the pavilion and a wedding photo shoot happening right next to it. So we hung out by the 'The Lake' with our Mr Softee milkshakes until they were done. We spotted 2 turtles swimming in lake and a really odd homeless man who seemed to have jumped onto the tourist craze of renting a rowboat.

When the wedding was over, we had our special spot all to ourselves and we reminisced as we snuck in an illegal glass (or red cup) of champagne to celebrate.

After the park we headed to the West Village to take a stroll around and stumbled upon a flea market (I didn't buy anything) and found a little Peruvian restaurant where we dinned on ceviche and lomo saltado (muy delicioso!)

What a special day and a perfect way to celebrate our marriage.

Mike, I vowed to you I would love you more and more each day and you have definitely made it easy to do!


  1. i say celebrate the heck out of it :)

    happy half year anniversary! what an amaazzzing spot to get married in!

  2. @A Lost Feather
    THANKS!!! I know, never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be married in Central Park. Too magical for words!