13 June 2011

How do you buy your food?

Have you watched "Food Inc"
This documentary serves as a huge eye opener. It exposes the American food industry which seems to be more focused on profit then consumer health. 
In the spirit of being a little more conscious of how we buy our food, we headed to our local farmer's market on the weekend.

One of our purchases was an organic, grass-fed T-bone Steak from a nearby farm a little bit upstate. 
It was a little bit pricey, but worth the splurge for a Sunday lunch. 
I wanted to keep it simple, so I seasoned it with a little bit of garlic&onion rub and a sprinkle of aromat. 
I then seared it on both sides and put it in a 350F oven to finish cooking.
I served it up with some Salt and Vinegar roasted potatoes (recipe) which turned out delicious! 

Oh! And what else did I get up to on the weekend?

On Friday I diagnosed myself with 'UTI' (thanks google!) and thought id be smart and treat myself by just drinking about 2 gallons of cranberry juice. Well, apparently I'm not much of a doctor because I ended up in the ER the next morning with the most severe back pain I have ever known. 
(Is this what labour feels like?) 
The infection had started to spread to my kidneys. Great!
After picking up some prescription pain killers and anti-biotics I am feeling 99.9% better! 
Yay for modern medicine.
This picture kinda cracks me up! 


  1. Yogurt also helps you recover from a UTI faster! Feel better - those things are the worst!

  2. After seeing Food Inc, I'll never grocery shop the same again. Good job hitting up the farmers market! Sorry about the UTI, that's a bummer. Make sure you take plenty of vitamin D to help prevent future infections:)


  3. I have not seen Food inc, because I am afraid I will never eat again if I watch it.:) Great blog!!


  4. Hi Kate... so pleased you stopped by our blog, because I would never have found yours!

    You have a lovely blog, and will enjoy following along with your life adventures....

    I'm a lover a meat (afraid to say), I bet that T-Bone tasted glorious, it looks it.... and the post with the sausages.... yumm-o!

  5. aw poor thing! Glad you are feeling better though!

    and I love farmer's markets....I wish they were open year round to shop in!

  6. Ouch! UTI's are the worst. And i know for a fact that nothing but RX from the doctor will help!! Sorry you had to go all the way to the hospital! :( Glad you're feeling better!!